Below are the resources I’ve found most valuable and interesting.


  • Anything from these books top VCs recommend. I have used this as a reading list and it hasn’t disappointed.
  • Why We Sleep is an incredible book that will make you think about how to optimize your sleep to benefit your life
  • The Power of Habit is the best resource I can think of for building good habits

Websites / Blogs

I don’t actually read blogs much, but there are a few that I find abnormally insightful or helpful.

  • is written by a fellow who worked at Amazon in the early days. The posts are extremely interesting and intelligent.
  • will get you started doing text analysis really fast. It’s a great resource.


I always recommend The Twenty Minute VC as the best resource for people interested in tech. I also like FiveThirtyEight’s podcast.

I’ll add to this list as I come across other helpful resources. If you’re interested in more specific topics that I write about (learning R, for example), reach out to me directly at [joe at this website] or on twitter.

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