AI, China, and Apple’s weakness

Great Wall of China

I keep hearing about the astonishing pace of innovation in China. I’ve seen lots of tweets like this one, and they leave me feeling nervous but deeply curious about what will come of the Chinese tech explosion. What I learned from 5 weeks in Beijing + Shanghai: – startup creation + velocity dwarfs anything in […]

Traffic Data from a Viral Post

Traffic data from a viral post

Viral posts don’t bring sustained traffic. I thought they did for a long time, before I started building websites and seeing the effects of traffic spikes. It’s natural to assume that if a post “blows up” and is seen by hundreds of thousands of people, it will bring lots of traffic (or revenue, users etc.) […]

The Numbers Behind MoviePass and Why It’s (Probably) Doomed

Sensitivity analysis of MoviePass financials

Update: Based on a recent filing discussed in this article, it appears that MoviePass’ parent company, Helios and Matheson Analytics, is losing roughly $20mm a month. The company’s auditor included a statement of concern that it could continue operations while burning through so much cash, and it is scrambling to raise more money. The company’s leadership […]