Quantifying what Republicans and Democrats talked about at the DNC and the RNC

references to china at the DNC and the RNC

We took the toughest, boldest, strongest, and hardest hitting action against China in American history by far. President Trump, RNC Night 4 Donald Trump has had a love fest with dictators, including China and Russia. He hasn’t been standing up to them at all. Rose G, DNC Night 3 I didn’t watch much of either […]

Drinking, Cursing, and Cardigans: Taylor Swift Lyrics Over Time

Taylor Swift Alcohol words

Several years ago, I listened to Taylor Swift’s Reputation album and noticed lots of references to alcohol. I was in my early 20s and it reminded me of the self-conscious way college freshmen pepper their conversation with allusions to drinking (“I mean, of course we’re going to pre-game our suite-mate’s a cappella concert! Do you […]

Buy the (avocado) dip: Analyzing nutritional buzzwords on Reddit


Big CPG companies are struggling to move quickly enough to meet changing tastes. Kraft Heinz’s recent write-downs are a particularly salient example of this. One way incumbents have sought to keep up is by acquiring small brands that have a more direct connection with consumers and are perceived as healthier, fresher, or more authentic. Prominent […]